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The modern dog bed cover
Based on 33 reviews
Sustainable Dog Bed Sheets

I bought two in different colors and they work great for me.

Lobe the bed sheets….keeps my dog Ashe from ruining his Casper bed. Def recommend.

Lasted one week

Another sheet!

I have FOUR of these LAYR sheets - perfect for keeping a dog bed fresh (easier to clean than removing a dog bed cover. They disguise any stains or rips on my dog beds.

Repeat customer

I am beyond thrilled with this product. I currently have four LAYR sheets!

Fern Happy Sheet
Justine Lukas
Cutest design and great material!!

Washes well and holds its color and shape!! The material is a great material for a little messy pup, almost moisture wicking so very easy to keep clean

Justine Lukas
Amazing item for any dog lover!!!

I never would have thought the my dog needed sheets for is bed but it has been a game changer. It’s the most perfect way to keep his bed clean. Just as simple as removing the sheet and a quick wash and brand new! Always washes well and holds its color and shape.

The Only Bed
Samantha Mulvihill
Not totally worth the money

Disappointed in the quality of the bed. After only a few weeks there is major indentation where my dogs lay. This happened with both size beds that I ordered.

Thanks for your feedback Samantha. After hearing this same complaint about the bed core from a number of customers, we decided to sunset the bed. We have been working on a new more sustainable solution.

Amber Asuncion-Collins
Hated it

The color is super cute. Absorbs any kind of liquid very quickly. Reached out to supplier for assistance was told that they’d change the description from liquid resistant or treated with liquid repellent but not offered any additional support or discount for faulty fabrics/sheet with false description so will not purchase anything again.

You're correct, the early version of this sheet was meant to be water resistant. Unfortunately it did not work up to our standards. After receiving feedback on this issue from a number of people (yourself included), we removed the water resistant claim and lowered the price. I see through your other review that you were happy with the water resistance on our Graphic Sheet which is much more effective with a different fabric blend.

Cloud Happy Sheet
Amber Asuncion-Collins
Love this

Works as stated and stays soft after washing

Thank you Amber.

It works exactly as we need it to! This is a bed sheet, and we got it to keep most of the dog crumbs out of the furry inner corners of the bolster edges of our dogs beds! It’s helpful that it’s water resistant, which gives me time to wipe up all the treat-time slobber off the sheet. Keeps the bed itself fresher for longer, and is much easier to clean than the washable parts of the bed, making the bed parts last a few weeks longer between official washing when I can just toss the sheets in the washer and pop them right back on quickly. Can’t wait to grab a few more!

I have 2 large dogs and a very small room. Each dog had a bed, and I was constantly stepping and tripping on them. I was also tried of using a full wash cycle per bed. I started looking for sheets that I could put over the beds vs washing them and happened upon the Layr site. I thought their sheets were super cute, and just what I was looking for. Then I found The Only Bed. Let me tell you, I LOVE dog beds. My husband teases me about this obsession and I've bought so many beds over the years, I knew it would a hard sell. So, I did some creative space saving and found that The Only Bed would fit both of my dogs AND fit in space between my wall and dresser, therefore preventing me from stepping all over beds. It was perfect! Even the husband agreed! I purchased The Only Bed and 2 Sustainable sheets, in Cloud and Blush. Let me tell you, these products are awesome. It took a minute for the dogs to work out their space with sharing a bed, but my smaller dog Roxy, usually comes up into our bed during the night. Not so with The Only Bed. She sleeps in it all night. And, it is so convenient to be able to pull off a sheet to wash it vs an entire bed. The sheets are adorable, by the way. I'm so happy with my purchase and when I get a smaller dog (shhh, don't tell my husband), I'll be back to purchase more. If you are considering these products, get them. You won't be sorry.

I want to sleep on these sheets! They are so soft. Perfect on my current dog beds but I hooe you have the large beds in stock soon. The flamingo sheet is so bright and cheerful.
Have been recommending to friends.

Thank you for spreading the word. The large beds will be back in stock this week. Tell everyone!!!

The Only Bed

It took a couple nights for my dogs to get used to the new bed but now they love it! And I love the fact that I can wash the sheets! Very cushy and comfy! 🤎🐾

Thank you Sally. Please send us some photos, so we can feature your pups.

The LAYR sustainable sheets are well made and a great way to keep my dog beds fresh and clean. I ordered both the Sm/Med and the L/XL based upon the recommended measurements with the hopes they would fit the beds I wished to cover. Unfortunately, they did not fit either bed I ordered them for; however I was able use them to cover a crate pad and a different bed. They look nice and I appreciate the ease of laundering them. My only wish is that LAYR offered a bigger size (for Big Barker dog beds). I appreciate the company occasionally offering promotions which help when you are purchasing multiple products. Would most definitely recommend for those who have smaller/average sized dog beds and would purchase again if a larger size became available.

We LOVE our Layr sheets! Not only do they look fantastic and make our dog beds look stylish AF, they make keeping beds stink-free and clean a million times easier. Busta's gotten some killer snoozes on his new Flamingo Happy sheet!

You had us with stylish AF! Stay tuned for more freshness on the way.

Game changer

These sheets are such a game changer and they’re cute! What more could we ask for?! Already ordered more

You must have read our packaging.

Love these sheets!!!! They are anti-stink and they don’t show stains. They fit perfect on my dogs bed. The prints are adorable. I am buying more ASAP.

Honestly, I'm still kicking myself for not thinking of this first. We LOVE our dog bed sheet. Frankie is a city pup who is eager to explore, dig, and roll in anything stinky he passes on the streets. The second we get home, he goes straight to his bed for a nap in the sun. Before our LAYR sheet, we not only had to wash our dog, but also his bed. We've gone through several dog beds, each coming with a seemingly more difficult washing routine than the last. The LAYR sheet totally solves that issue. Easy to remove, shake out his hair, and wash in our apartment's shared laundry machine with a typical load without any of the hassle. HIGHLY recommend

Thank you for sweet words. We’re happy to help and will continue innovating with fun sheets for Frankie.

O. M. G. Love love love these covers really protects and keeps his bed clean...thank you so much...will be ordering a few more!!!

Thank you for being a #LAYRSnoozeGang member. We really appreciate the kind words.


Sheets are so convenient because they are easy to change and wash well.

We couldn’t have said it any better.

I love the idea of sheets as dog beds are so costly to wash or throw away.

Thank you for your support Mimi. We’re here to help .

This beautiful purple sheet fits perfectly for my fur baby’s car booster. Keeps booster clean and stylish.

❤️ Love this. We’ve seen them used on sofa cushions and car seats, but this is a first.

Love this bed. Love being able to remove the covers and washing them but also love that they have fun prints that add to the aesthetic of wherever it is that you keep your doggies bed.

Thanks for the photos. Looking fab!

Absolutely love these sheets! They feel so nice and wash up awesome.