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The modern dog bed cover
Based on 53 reviews

Love the ease of covering my dog beds without the hassle, and the fact that they have no zippers is genius. I only wish I had found them sooner

Laundry Bag
kate a

The patches are really cute. Got these to bring the sustainable sheets along trips so I don't have to pack any bulky beds.

Well done!!!

Dog beds historically have been so difficult to clean. It’s a dreadful process. These sheets have completely changed this process! Super soft and well made! So easy to pull off the bed to wash. Never going back to other dog beds!


My dog loves her bed. She is almost 100# and this bed fit her perfectly. I love being able to control the fill level and the type of materials going into the bed. We filled the bed with several blankets that we had laying around, not being used and the comfort of the bed is just perfect! The sheets are wonderful. It’s so easy to clean! I would definitely recommend this bed!

Soft and comfortable

Love the sheet, it is very soft and stretches easily to fit. My dog seems to think it is very comfortable as well. I wish there were more solid color choices.

Exactly what I wanted!

I love this for my dog and so glad I found the product. The material feels so soft and smooth. Definitely made a high quality product! It's great that you can fill it with whatever you want and how much you want.

Very good dog bed sheets

The fitting is great. The texture feels like good fabric. My dog likes the sheets very much. Will come back again.

Colored Dog Bed Sheets
Sandy vanRhee

I have been looking for a fitted sheet for my dog bed for a long time. Couldn't find crib sheets so this Layr sheet is exactly what I need! Soft and stretchy and the color is great.

Love this!!

Love it!

Fantastic! Another great Layr product! It’s super soft and the zipper seems very durable. I stuffed it with my dog's old crate mat and some blankets and he looks very comfy.

Spectacularly spotted

These LAYR dog bed sheets are not only stylish and adorable, but they are well made and help keep the dog beds fresh and clean. I have the sustainable sheets and thought I would try these polka dot ones - so happy I did.

Love these sheets!

These are one of those things you didn't know you needed until you get one. I started with two L/XL sheets and was really impressed with the quality and fit. I've gotten two more S/M sheets since and plan to get more. Best part is they're cat approved.

This Color and Fabric is AMAZING !!!! My Furbaby LOVES it !!!!

Absolutely LOVE their sheets AND Bed!!

Love! Such a great product

Love these they are a must !

I love these. A total must have easy to use and clean!

These are so great. Easy to clean and every other day change. My dogs and I love them! A must have.


Will be ordering a few more! Protects the bed & the liquid substances 🥴 whichever those are, don’t seep through to the bed.

Colored Dog Bed Sheets
AvaMarie Fraser
Absolutely Love

i’ve been looking for a product for years for my dog exactly like it and nothing was exactly right until i found these! the want something as a safe layer and blankets get to warm, and everyone hates stuffing the bed inside the cover so it’s great to wash only the cover and do the actual beds so much less and because of that it last longer, long story short i’ll be buying every color and my doberman approves

Dog Bed Sheets - Spots
Holly Wallace
durable & cute

Our french bulldog puppy happily laid on these sheets as soon as we put them on. He’s eaten peanut butter from his Kong toy on them, which came out in the wash. He also likes digging in his bed but I haven’t noticed any rips or tears in the sheet. He peed on the bed as well and the sheet really is water resistant — I took it off and put on the spare on and there was no leak through to the bed.

Sustainable Dog Bed Sheets

I bought two in different colors and they work great for me.

Lobe the bed sheets….keeps my dog Ashe from ruining his Casper bed. Def recommend.

Lasted one week

Another sheet!

I have FOUR of these LAYR sheets - perfect for keeping a dog bed fresh (easier to clean than removing a dog bed cover. They disguise any stains or rips on my dog beds.