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The modern dog bed cover

Tired of your dog's bed looking like a scene from a bad linen apocalypse? Say goodbye to wrinkled messes and hello to "Sit, Stay, and Lay" with LAYR! Our fitted dog bed sheets are like magic – they hug those bed corners tighter than your dog clings to their favorite chew toy. No more wrestling with oversized covers that slip and slide like a clumsy pup on a freshly waxed floor. With LAYR, your dog's bed will be smoother than a puppy's belly and cuter than a pug in pajamas!

Let's face it, our furry friends are masters of mischief. But fear not, fellow pet parents, because LAYR has your back (and your dog's bed)! Our fitted sheets are the superhero capes of canine comfort, shielding your precious pup's resting place from the perils of drool, dirt, and doggy disasters. So go ahead, let your pooch live their best life – whether it's rolling in the mud or chasing squirrels in the backyard – because LAYR will have their bed looking fresh and fabulous faster than you can say "fetch"!

Does your dog's bed resemble a tornado aftermath more than a cozy retreat? It's time to upgrade to LAYR and turn that bedding chaos into canine couture! Our fitted sheets are the ultimate fashion statement for discerning dogs and their design-savvy owners. Say goodbye to mismatched covers that clash with your home decor faster than a cat and a bathtub – LAYR's stylish selection will have your dog's bed looking so chic, it'll be the envy of the neighborhood pack. Because every pup deserves a bed that's as fabulous as they are – and with LAYR, they'll be barking with joy!

All of our dog bed sheets are machine washable. This makes laundry day a breeze and allows for more frequent washing. More washing means a fresh bed with less germs.

Our Spots and Graphic Sheets offer a number of technologies to support and protect your dog's bed. The fabric blend is water resistant, anti-microbial and anti-odor.

Please keep in mind that these sheets are not “waterproof.” They are meant for light liquid which will pool and run off the sheets. They are not meant to hold off a full doggy bladder.

We offer two sizes - S/M and L/XL. All of our sheets are loomed with 10% lycra. This allows them to stretch up to five inches in each direction. We guarantee our sheets will fit your dog's bed. If they don't, we return them for free and donate them to a shelter. If you have questions about sizing, please refer our size guide. If you still have questions, you can email us or reach out via Instagram.

We offer free returns if your sheets don't fit. We donate our returned sheets to shelters who have a much greater need for them than the local landfill.

This creates a second life for the product, empowering our mission to keep dog beds and textile waste out of landfills.

Did you know the pet industry is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to textile waste? Dog owners have become so used to bad design in the pet sleep category, that they run through many more beds than they need to. Our LAYR bed sheet allow dog moms and dads to extend the life of their dog’s bed with the simple use of a fitted sheet. This means easier clean up, less germs, a simpler laundry routine and added savings on new dog bed purchases each year.