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The modern dog bed cover

Our goal when creating LAYR™ was to redesign the sleep category for dogs. This guiding principal drives innovation within the brand. We went into the design process of our second collection with a renewed focus on sustainability. We uncovered some disturbing statistics on waste within the textile industry and we saw dog beds as one of the worst offenders. This defined our challenge: How can we change the current perspective of a dog bed as a disposable item? Our goal has always been to create products that can stand alongside the furniture our home. With the use of our sheet, not only can we transform an ordinary dog bed into a beautiful object in any room, but we can extend the life of the bed by at least 3x. This means less dog beds purchased each year and less waste dumped into landfills.

The SUSTAINABLE Collection celebrates our new love for recycled yarns and a commitment to sustainability. It features our blend of recycled American cotton and recycled American polyester yarns in natural tones and simple color blocking. All sheets are loomed in our factory in Canada. We hope you and your dog sleep well knowing you're creating less impact on our planet.